About us

It all started with the idea to establish and develop the first mineral-water delivery service in Bulgaria, catering to homes, offices and food-service establishments, and providing water in 19L containers as well as related equipment and maintenance. Gradually, the business has grown to encompass a wider, and ever-increasing, range of products and services. 

As with every beginning, the first steps were difficult and a number of hurdles had to be overcome. We had to weather some of the most serious economic hardship on the history of modern Bulgaria. Despite the difficulties, we never for a moment forgot that the needs and requirements of our customers are of the highest priority, and are at the heart of our success. Today, looking back, we can state with satisfaction that our efforts have not been in vain. We are proud of the trust our customers have bestowed on us throughout the years. 

We service large multinational and Bulgarian firms, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as a multitude of private households. Due to our commitment to always offer products and services of superior quality and to fully meet the requirements of our customers, their number continues to grow steadily.

The pure natural and mineral water products we offer originate from world renowned, environmentally protected natural springs in Bulgaria.